Tournament Fishing advise for Co-Anglers


As the new season starts every one has fishing on their minds. Time to re spool, Reorganize, Buy new equipment and lures. But what about the things a Co-Angler needs to bring to a tournament. Sometimes the Co-Anglers have it harder, for the boater their stuff is always in the boat but the Co-Angler he needs a list, Some times the important basic things are over looked, so I ask a Co-Angler who has been doing it for years and is the most prepared Angler I know,  Mike Utermark to put some thing together to help answer your questions and this is what he said:

My opinion on what to bring for fishing trips.  Obviously this list doesn’t apply to many of the seasoned veterans in our club-more of a guideline for the new guys.  Joey didn’t specify one day or two day tournaments, but I’ll try and be as thorough as possible.  First off, plan on packing clothes for all four seasons anywhere you go.  Inevitably, you will need them-mainly in the spring.  Don’t forget an extra change of clothes too; I think we had one year that it rained at every tournament (that Joey showed up for).  The extra T-shirt and flip flops I keep under the back seat of my truck have been used quite often after a wet one day fishing trip-dry clothes make for a better ride home after being wet all day. 

 Overnight packing: Duffel bag: Clothes-pack 3 of everything, sweatshirt, heavy coat, two pairs of orange shoes, Miscellaneous aspirin, cold pills, etc (if I buy something when out-of-town, I leave it in my bag for next time because I’ll probably need it again), and an alarm clock.

Fishing packing: Tackle bag, life vest, hat/visor, 6-8 fishing poles (don’t listen to Mel when he complains about too many rods), lake map, fishing license, sunscreen, sunglasses, and raincoat.  

Cooler: breakfast for two days, lunch for two days, beer (Kentucky Lake is a dry county), and water.  Your boater may say he’s going to stop to buy lunch and it’s not necessary to bring sandwiches-too many times there was NO place to stop at or it just got too late.  Play it safe and bring it all from home.  A lot of guys are superstitious; I’d leave the banana at home too. 

Boating: As far as the boat goes; respect it like it’s your own.  Unless you’re a slob, then respect it like it’s a rental and you’re going to get charged for your mess.  Clean up your garbage, used plastics, etc. Try not to step on the seats, keep track of your tackle, and watch those hooks.  You don’t want a hole in your car seat-they’d prefer not to have any in their stuff either.  The expectations are generally to wipe the boat down and pay your half of gas.  That’s a small price to pay compared to their expenses.

Also, bring enough money to cover gas for the boat and truck, hotel room for one night, and dinner(s).   

If anyone has any questions at all-give me a call. 

Mike Utermark