The Harris Chain w/ Tommy O

Tommy O Harris Chain Florida

Gas-$600. Entry fees-$350. Lodging & food-$300. Chance to win a brand new Triton boat…. PRICELESS!

Had a great time fishing a B.A.S.S. Open event the first of the year with a friend of mine Mike Syjud.We drove 17 hours nonstop through the night to make it to the events Check-in. All excited about who we might draw,we sat in a big college gymnasium with 400 others.To my right was Davy Hite and to my left was Gerald Swindle and Arron Martins along with countless others among the crowd.Just like our 6 man events we met our partners and talked strategy for the next day.Day 1-an hour and a half of no wakes and a lock before we began chucking baits.Fishing a 3 mile or so weed and pad flat,my partner quickly began putting fish in the well with a junebug zoom speed-worm.As he finished his limit I switched to a gold trap and began to catch fish and had my 3 fish limit pretty quick.Weigh in I was in 35th and my buddy Mike was 23rd.Day 2-To my surprise my partner was going to the same area I was in as the 1st day.Big fish were starting to move up as we saw countless 6 to 8plus lb fish roaming and chasing our baits.I hooked a huge fish on the trap and thought for sure it would throw the bait but luckily I got it in the boat a 7lb fish!We finished our limits at the same time and caught fish all day ,some were locked on beds. Awesome day for me as I finished in 5th good enough to fish the last days top 12.My buddy Mike was not so lucky as he and his boater never even caught a fish.Last days pairings were set and my boater,once again ,was fishing the same flat I had just spent 2 days on.We fished for 2 hours about a mile away from where I was the 1st 2 days.Only had 1 small fish in the well ,so he asks me where I caught em the last 2 days?As we pull in and start fishing that area its pretty evident that some big fish were now up shallow on the flat and spawning.For the next 3 hours I watched in agony as he boated 19 lbs of bass in that area{all on beds} without being able to cast to a single fish.One of my favorite ways to catch em and didn’t get to flip a single 1!With a ½ hour to go we fan-casted the spawning flat and I was able to catch a couple squeekers to finish my limit.On to the weigh-in! All 12 boats convoyed over to the Bass Pro in Orlando and there was a pretty good crowd. Don’t really remember what I said,but it was still pretty cool being up there.I even had a little kid and his sister ask me to sign there hats,had to be that sharp Maple Bass shirt make me look like a pro!Hope one of you guys take advantage and fish one of these,even though I dropped to 7th I had an awesome time and learned a lot…See you at the next meeting..I think?

~ Tom Ondras