About Us


Off the Hook Junior Bass Masters is a bass club made up of young anglers
preparing for the future in the competitive world of bass fishing. The club is
run and organized by Jr. Members with help and guidance from its sponsor club
Maple BassMasters.

Off the Hook Jr. Bass Masters offers a full schedule of club tournaments.
Tournaments are fished from shore,  along with boat tournaments hosted by
Maple BassMasters, The tournaments are competitive, educational and run to
help prepare the juniors for the big leagues with official scales and procedures.

If you are taking the time to read this and wondering what it takes to be part
of this club, its easy.  You must be between the age of 11 and 17.  Tournaments
and stats are then broken down into two groups, 11 to 14 and 15 to 17 so all is
fair, You do not need to be a advanced Jr. Angler,  just one that loves to fish and
are willing to learn.  Most Jr.’s start not even knowing how to tie a basic fishing knot
and in no time are connecting braided line to fluorocarbon with a double blood
knot. Parents are encouraged to participate and in some cases required to attend
tournaments and maybe they will learn a thing or two from the Jrs.

If you think you’re ready to join and start learning to be the best angler you
can be just take a few minutes and fill out our membership form with your
parents and the rest is Off The Hook!!!!!

We are the Future of Bass Fishing.