Mel Hedrick Reminds Us What it Means to Give


Over the last several years Mel Hedrick, a member of Maple Bassmasters, has been working very hard to help raise money for Make A Wish foundation through the annual IBFN raffle.

Each year the IBFN hosts a raffle and a portion of the proceeds is donated to Make A Wish Foundation which is the charity of choice for the IBFN.  The ticket sales are promoted through the IBFN member clubs and Mel has consistently sold more tickets every year to help the efforts of Make A Wish.

Mel is an employee for UPS.  Each year UPS ask the employees to submit a letter outlining the work they do to help out a charitable organization.  UPS then selects one of the employee’s letters that demonstrates going above and beyond the call for the charity of their choice.  The employee with the winning letter wins a donation from UPS for their charitable organization.

When Mel submitted his letter he had no idea that he would be the winner and Make A Wish Foundation would receive such a generous donation from UPS for Mel’s efforts.

At the Maple Bassmasters October meeting Janice Miller from Make A Wish was there and Mel Hedrick along with Joe Browning, the club President, presented her with a check for $10,000. Janice graciously accepted the check and presented the members with an overview of all the good things a donation like this means to the children suffering from serious illnesses and the families.

The IBFN is very proud to have members like Mel who do the very best they can each year to benefit our charity of choice, the Make A Wish Foundation.

By Frank Labanowski – IBFN President