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What's your favorite reel?


2:13 pm
March 5, 2010



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What is your guys' favorite reel? Either baitscaster or spinning….


Since I have about 1/10th the equipment and experience most of you have, I haven't had a lotof reels in my hands.  I bought a Revo STX 7.1 last year and the verdict is still out on it.  I don't have that much experience with it yet.  I also have a Cabalas Prodigy reel, which is made by Daiwa.  6.3 and overall I'm happy with it.  Haven't had any issues.  Looking forward to trying different stuff some day! Laugh

3:14 pm
March 5, 2010



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I am an Abu Garcia Revo guy for baitcasting and a Shimano guy for spinning.   Not a fan of taking the side of the reel off to adjust the sliding magnet thing on some other reels,  I like the knob.

8:49 pm
March 5, 2010

Mike U


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Hey Zach-

As far as a favorite, I don't have one.  One of my early trips with Maple I was fishing with Leo.  I had a cheap-o special and it was giving me grief. Leo told me to buy a 6:3:1 reel because it was a good "all around reel" and spend  more then a couple bucks.  He also said he liked the Pfeuger Trion.  I bought two of them and still use them today, 5 years later.  They are heavier then a lot of them, but really durable.  I bought and own a bunch of the Bass Proshops reels and think they're a good value for the money.  If I buy any more-I'm taking the warranty and plan on getting new ones after I wear them out, because I will.  I recently bought a Revo-I think it's fantastic-we'll see how long it lasts.  Good luck with your choice-the dual clutch are the easiest to cast without a backlash.

7:18 am
March 7, 2010

Paul S

Tinley Park


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Post edited 1:33 pm – March 7, 2010 by Paul S


Daiwa TDX has been my favorite baitcaster followed closely by the Chronarchs I've owned.  I've used Daiwa spinning reels for a while and I think they are the best. 



3:18 pm
March 7, 2010




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call me cheap but i have tried a lot of real and the bass pro extreme (green $59.99 right now) is my favorite i now have all 10 rods with those reels. I still have the first one i bought 8 years ago and is working just fine.

ex fisherman.

5:06 am
March 11, 2010




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I used Team Diawa reels forever then the quality went down and the price went up, I switched to the Johnny Morris Signature series from bass pro and have not been disappointed they cast smooth and spool control on bait casters is great, Very little backlash as far as spinning reel i like pflueger reels they make a great reel by the way bass pro reels are made by pflueger.

Big Joey b
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7:42 am
March 11, 2010



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"…by the way bass pro reels are made by pflueger."



Including the baitcasters?  Or just spinning?  Pfluger, another example of a great american story, then sent to China…..uggg.Yell

11:21 am
March 13, 2010



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I use Pfleuger Supremes for about $55 cash. I buy 3 new ones every season because I fish 2 to 3 days per week all season. At the end of the season I send in all the reels that didn't make it through the schedule and get a free replacement. I give the oldest reels to my 2 kids or take them to my place at Woodhaven Lakes so I have equipment for guests. Pleuger Supremes are light, smooth, dependable and predictable. bluebass

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