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Straight Shank Hooks


9:30 am
March 25, 2011



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Any of you use straight shank hooks for flipping?  For any other application?  What is your method of keeping the plastic up? 

I know you can buy the hooks with the barb on the shank to hold up the plastic, but I don't like the idea of paying over $1 for a hoook.  I know you can use superglue, but this doesn't seem to practical in the boat.  I tried a toothpick with no sucess.  Any  ideas?

I did make my own version with shrink wrap and wire to create my own 'barb' However, I think I need to refine it a bit. 


Any ideas????

4:14 pm
March 30, 2011



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In Bass Prow catalouge on page 210 in the upper hand corner you will find a new hook called the  K.V.D. tube hook by mustad suppost to work on all plasticsn also guaranteed not to rip, however if you order now you will find that are back ordered good luck Leo

8:54 am
March 31, 2011



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Thanks Leo!  I seen those, and I tried making my own :)  I guess I'm just cheap like that.  I'll show you this weekend.  Oh wait….you're a fair weather fisherman…..I guess I'll see you and Jack in June!!!!  haha  LaughLaugh

4:30 pm
March 31, 2011



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another thing you can do is to get a piece of 3/8 copper tubing, not pipe and some thin rubber bands abotu 3inches long take the rubber bands and wrap them around the copper as manny times as it looks good, practice makes perfect than put just the tip of the plastic lure in the copper tubing and roll the rubber bands onto the plastic when you get it right the plastic will never come off .  if you can't get the tubing sent me an E Mail I think I have some around here Leo

3:43 pm
April 1, 2011




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No wonder the stats ain't up yet your trying to reinvent the hook buy the right ones Cheap ass.

Oh Yeah your entry for the open might be lost in the mail or found at the bottom of the entries on the 9th. The wind beneath my wings musta blew it away………SurprisedSurprisedSurprisedSurprised

Big Joey b
Following someone doesn't mean they know were the Fish are!!
Find em Your Self!!

6:23 pm
April 1, 2011



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i use an HP hook designed by Shaw Grigsby…Its made by eagle claw…wide gap with a built-in metal clip that holds the plastic in place…6 for $4.50 bass pro best tube hook for flippn.Wink

8:10 am
April 4, 2011

Mike U


posts 201


Yea Tom, but you're a wealthy entrepreneur.  Zach is still working for the man trying to save money.

Actually in KVD's book-he only uses the straight hooks, not the offset. He said it makes for a better hook set.  Granted, it's his older book and maybe he's changed his tune by now.

9:02 pm
April 4, 2011



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Well I have made some barbs using heat shrink and 23 gauge finishing nails (thanks to Thomas for the idea).  Let me know if you want to check them out.  I also made a version similar to KVD's tube hook which utilizes an offset hook.  Maybe I'll post a pic of them.  I used both this weekend for the first time and I have to tell you I'm impressed with my craftsmanship CoolCoolCool

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