Braidwood fishing Report with Tommy O


In the Last report for the Co-Anglers I said i was gonna get people to talk, So I caught Tommy O, strapped him down and made him talk. I got my ways!!!!!!!!!

Tommy O has been out fishin all winter long, I asked if he installed a ice breaker on the front of his boat  He said just go faster you’d be surprised how fast a boat moves on Ice.  Tommy Was at  Braid wood opening day and this is his report.

Opening Day water temp. on the cold side was 62 degrees and 67 on the hot side or discharge side, There was a moderate current flow, winds 10+ mph and sunny. Tommy fished for 8 hrs and caught approximately 25 fish.  10 of which were over 15 inches and a  3.14lbs being the largest.  The fish were extremely fat and filled with shad and some appeared to be pre spawn. ( don’t forget this is a cooling lake water is warm year round). Tommy points out that any Shad type bait will produce, And Flipping reeds will get better as the weeks go on. If current is present from the generator fish will set up and be active, No current it’s gonna be a tough bite!! Look to the deeper breaks and old Quarries to produce.

Some Say the lake is dead, Tommy O says its getting better and only just begun!!!!!!!     

Look for next up date : Kentucky Lake fishing, what to expect and how to prepare.