About Us

About Us

Maple Bassmasters Fishing club

We are a member of Illinois B.A.S.S.Nation Inc., and affiliate of Ma-B.A.S.S.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month, at Pappa Passeros:
6326 South Cass Avenue
Westmont, IL 60559

Our Mission

At Maple Bass we are out to have fun fishing and learn from one another at a competitive level.  We are always willing to answer questions and show you a thing or two, even the hot spots on the lake.  As a club we are always respectful to the community we visit and present ourselves as top notch fishermen and citizens.

Our History

Maple Bassmasters of Illinois was established May of 1971 and was the first Illinois club to join B.A.S.S. and has grown since.  The club has established a constitution, bylaws and tournament rules along with yearly elected officials; President, Vice President, Tournament Chairman, Secretary, Personnel Director, Sargeant of Arms and Treasurer.

The club has kept a running history of tournament records, winning weights, lake totals, total weight and keeper fish, big fish for largemouth and smallmouth to name a few.