Tournament Reports

Tournament Reports

March 20 Braidwood “I Hate This Place” Tourney

March 28th Cal Sag “ I Hate This Place II” Tourney

May 2ndKankakee River “Skanky Kankee” Tourney

May 16thLake Geneva “Rock and Roll Rumble”

May 21-23- Kentucky Lake “Load the Boat” Tourney

June 5-6 Lake Wisconsin “Green River Rumble” Tourney

June 27thKankakee River “Little Fish Fling”

July 10th – Club Open Chicagoland Classic

July 17-18 – Washington Island “Ed James’- Brown Bass Boogie”

July 31st –Aug 1st – Lake Jacksonville “Jerk ‘Em in the Boat” Tourney (Permit approved)

August 14-15 – Spring Lake “Ol’ Smelly’s No Wake Wumble”

August 29th – Lake Geneva “Rock and Roll Rumble II”

September 11-12 – Lake Winneconne “Ol’ Smelly’s Entourage” Tourney

September 25-26 – Fox Chain “Bass Gone Wild Weekend (Girls went South)”

October 15-17 – Maple Classic “Accepting Bribes” Tourney